Talal Hasan

Helping the world eliminate CO2

Talal is the Founder and CEO of 44.01, a technology company that eliminates CO2 by turning it into rocks. 44.01 accelerates the natural process of carbon mineralisation to provide a safe, scalable way of removing CO2 from the atmosphere forever. The company works with a rock called peridotite, which is found on every continent in the world, and which has been mineralizing CO2 naturally for millennia.

44.01’s technology simply speeds up and enhances this natural reaction to remove CO2 in less than 12 months. By turning CO2 into rock, 44.01 ensures the CO2 can never be released back into the atmosphere, providing the safest, more durable form of carbon removal. 44.01 began its operations in Oman and has now expanded into the UAE. The company plans to scale internationally over the coming years.


Visit 44.01’s demonstration site in Fujairah, UAE
If you’d be interested in working with 44.01 you can find out more information at: www.4401.earth